Conniption Fodder - The Hugo Issue - Additional Material

The Hugo IssueConniption Fodder
The Hugo Issue - Addional Material

This bit is from He wrote this in May 2015. With his permission we reprint it online as part of »The Hugo in Issue« laughing.

Any political differences I might have with the Puppies, any feelings of dismay I might have about the racism and homophobia and sheer unpleasantness displayed by some of them, are secondary.

The Last Voyage of Captain Christian White - The Hugo Issue - Additional Material

The Hugo IssueThe Last Voyage of Captain Christian White
The Hugo Issue - Addional Material

Captain Christian White, supreme commander of the LILY, put down his nutritious meal of American cheese on white bread, with extra mayo, and answered his buzzing intercom. He barked the standard protocol for answering every red alert on ship. “I’m not gay! Report!”

“I’m not gay, sir! We have a ship decloaking off the bow! Over!"

Hugo Gernsback - Still Causing Controversy

Zauberwort - The EditorialStill Causing Controversy -
Hugo Gernsback

zur deutschen ÜbersetzungHugo Gernsback has been dead since 1967, but he, or rather the award named after him, is still causing controversy. The Hugo Awards were first given in 1953, for works showing 'excellence' in Science Fiction. Later the awards were extended to Fantasy as well (at which point we could have a ten year debate on what exactly Science Fiction and Fantasy are, and where are the boundaries, but I need to get the article published this year).

Adam-Troy Castro reacts on texts on MZB and child abuse

1Adam-Troy Castro reacts on texts on ...
... MZB and child abuse

1A short while ago the daughter of MarionZimmer Bradley appeared before public and revealed having been abused as a child by her mother. This caused a variety on reactions throughout the internet. The US-author Adam-Troy Castro reacted on two posts on facebook. We found these reactions so remarkable, that we adressed and asked him for permission to publish them on Zauberspiegel. - We did get this permission.

My 2 Cents on: Holes

my 2 cts on... on holes

zur deutschen ÜbersetzungThe first rule of holes. When you're in one, stop digging.

“I’ve had no criticism. I’ve had savage, lying, deceptive personal attacks, but no actual criticism because they’ve never addressed any of my actual ideas,” Card told the Utah publication. “Character assassination seems to be the only political method that is in use today, and I don’t play that game, and you can’t defend against it. All you can do is try to offer ideas, and for those who want to listen to ideas, great. For those who simply want to punish you for not falling in line with their dogmas, there’s really not much you can do about it.”

And again: The Crimea - Pen & Swords Conflict in the Crimea

Confliczt in the CrimeaAnd again: The Crimea
Pen & Swords Conflict in the Crimea

Whenever one is interested in military history there is no way to get around Pen & Sword Books - and thus it happend to me several times that I found myself reading books from this publisher.

Not only did I find material on my special interests such as, the catalogue of P&S showed me so many interesting books that I think I will use in further studies and some titels are so interesting that I will ready them anyway.