Authors’ Commentary on “Tale of a Tail”

Lawyers in Hell Authors’ Commentary on
»Tale of a Tail,«
 a story in Lawyers in Hell

Back in the 1980s, I received a call from Janet Morris asking me if I wanted to write for a new shared-world series, Heroes in Hell.  Of course, I jumped right in. 

My first published story, “A Walk in the Park,” was featured in the initial volume of the series.  Many volumes followed, allowing me to perfect the relationship between two former foes, Napoleon and Wellington, and the introduction of Napoleon’s mistress, and mother of his son who achieved prominence in France.

Lawyers in Hell Interestingly, his descendants are still living in that country.  I can’t leave out the wonderful personage of Attila the Hun, who is actually much more than he appears to be.  Of course, hell being hell, nothing my characters became involved in ever seemed to work out for long, and solutions they achieved often presented more problems than anticipated.  Flash forward to 2010.  I received another call from Janet Morris asking me if I wanted to write for a resurrection of the series in a volume entitled Lawyers in Hell.

 My response:  I’m in!  Once again, I was allowed to send my characters into new situations in New Hell.  Now, of course, I was presented with the problem of the audit from On High, Erra and the Seven.  At least, as far as my characters were concerned, those living in the entire area of New Hell around Decentral Park had gone to ground, fearing to draw any attention from Erra and his immortal weapons. 

acy AsireAfter the flood and plague in New Hell City, no one knew what was happening to any of the other characters they had once known and interacted with.  Adding to that, the entire neighborhood of Hellview Estates was lorded over by a stickler of an attorney who, as president of the Homeowner’s Association, fined the residents for the least infraction of the ever-changing rules set out in the Homeowner’s Association rule book. 

Now, an additional twist threatened the neighborhood: a new neighbor of Napoleon’s who was never seen except behind his house.  The fallout from the presence of this new neighbor was both surprising and horrifying.  Some readers might find the friendship between Napoleon and Wellington to be strange at best.  However, there was true admiration between the two of them.  In fact, when asked who he thought was the greatest military mind of the day, Wellington answered, “In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon.”  So, having the two of them next door neighbors was a bonanza for me.  I am so thankful for Janet Morris giving me the chance to bring these characters to life, even if the existence they now lead is one of eternal torments of varying and lesser degrees.
Tale of a Tail, © Nancy Asire; Perseid Publishing, 2011
2011© Lawyers in Hell (Janet Morris), 2011, all rights reserved

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